Choosing the best espresso machine

As a restaurant with European roots in the cuisine we had to learn making true coffee with the coffee machine. At first buying this device seems to be an easy thing to decide about but when you really come to the store it appears to be a little harder than ABC.

As coffee is the most popular hot drink in America, and even more – in the whole world, it is very important to purchase good espresso in your restaurant. The main secret in making good coffee is to choose the right espresso machine. It may seem to be not hard but every machine has its own features that will make the final product taste different. Our restaurant tried a couple of the machines and now wants to share the experience. The machines in this review are good both for restaurant usage and making coffee at home (but we have to admit, that if your home is not very big it is advisably to look for something smaller).

Here are the options for the best coffee machines under $1000

$1000 is not a problem for a restaurant, but if you are just coming to the restaurant business, it is better to wait a little before purchasing such expensive machines, maybe your customers will not be interested in coffee at all!

So when really choosing your first coffee machine, you must know that the best ones are NOT Steam-Driven. For making best espresso in the city it is better to buy the manual espresso machine to be on the top. And the second place after the manuals is occupied by the pump-driven espresso machines.

The automatic machines with this feature would usually have even a higher cost, but according to our experience BES870XL-Barista-Expressid is the best choice if you do not want your employees to study a lot in operating a new coffee machine.

But no one would argue that manual machines are better. From our point of view Level-Driven Manual Coffee Machines are the best to give your coffee the perfect taste and smell of the Old Europe.

Jeannine Walsh, with her review on espresso machines, based on the information from the Magnificat Caffee employees.

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