Getting an espresso machine under $500

If you have just opened you new restaurant and want to give your customers the best coffee in town you still have a possibility to do that even without thousands of dollars. Automatic and semi-automatic coffee machines can have different prices so you can find many options in the category “under $500” just do not forget to pay attention to a couple of details.

The best first step is to leave steam machines aside. Steam machines are good but you can find a cheaper and nonetheless not a worse choice in pump espresso machines! So for your budget – get a coffee machine with the pump.

The main points in choosing any coffee machine are: have an attentive look at the built-in milk foam frother, and do not stick to any special frothers, with some wired forms or appearances. You need functionality so buy a straight one! Get fresh milk every day and the frothing will be in the right position. Practice and become a profi!